Hello & thanks for checking out my blog Life Outside The Margin!

Table MountainI’m Kayla Marie, and I just graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia.

While I’m primarily a freelancer and work in media services and education, Life Outside The Margin is a long-term project I dream will allow me to do what I love while living location independent.

So what is LOTM and what is the Margin?

Well, originally, the name was Life Outside The Margins.

When I decided to buy the domain name,  lifeoutsidethemargins.com was unavailable — it’s actually a christian-poetry blog that hasn’t been touched in years, oddly enough.

With the change, the margin has become what you make it out to be. It changes, transforms, and yet, we are always going against it’s grain.

This blog is dedicated to life outside the margin, twisted into my experience.