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American millennial Kayla Marie has a vision to live life outside the margin. As a creator, her goal is to tell stories and inspire others to live for themselves. She focuses on themes of inspiration, hustle, and travel to promote values that question the status quo.

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Why I Chose to Teach English in Panama

The opportunity to teach English in Panama was one that came to me through those who taught me how to speak Spanish. As a traveler, teaching English in a foreign country is an appealing way to trot to globe — yet my motivations go beyond this.  I’ve spent the past …
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Visual Journeys: The Urban Ruins of Amador Causeway, Panama

Surrounding the Biomuseo in Panama City, I found myself intrigued by these abandoned spaces along the Amador Causeway. As a stranger who worked the area approached me, we chatted while I guided us away back to the main road.   He told me the once occupied houses and businesses were taken …
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Using Spanish: ¿Hablo Español?

For the first time, my Spanish-speaking abilities have been put to a true test. All those grades I’ve received through the years were just measures on a GPA-scale. Being in Panama (or any Spanish-speaking country), puts all that knowledge to the real test: using Spanish in the real world.

Visual Journeys: 6 Views of Panama City

Magnificant architecture, wildlife, and history all contribute to defining Panama City.  In the midst of winter, the rain breathed energy into the non-stop city. With both urban and natural beauty to admire, I bring you a small view into the city. After an amazing week in the city, I left …

How I Fell into a Hostel Scam

The truth is: I fell into the hostel scam far before far before I knew what happened.  A note: The hostel that I stayed at was not at fault for what happened. Unfortunately, this scammer is a traveling one ~~ I 100% recommend staying at the Casa Mona Lisa in Panama City. …

The Class System in The Sky

After so many flights in my life, I think I can officially speak about how the class system on a plane oddly reflects how classes of the world are divided.
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I’m Off to Volunteer in Panama

If you don’t know it yet, I’m shipping off to volunteer in Panama. In two days from now I’ll be in the sky anticipating my next adventure.  This opportunity is one I spent a lot of effort obtaining. One application and two interviews later, I earned my place in this …
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Food and the World

  Is it just me, or is eating an abominable amount of food before leaving a country 100% necessary?  At this moment, I’m eating Teriyaki chicken soba at the Koja Grill in North Philly.