Author: Kayla Marie

American millennial Kayla Marie has a vision to live life outside the margin. As a creator, her goal is to tell stories and inspire others to live for themselves. She focuses on themes of inspiration, hustle, and travel to promote values that question the status quo.

Life & Inspiration

Dear College,

You’ve held control over me for too long. It’s time for me to branch out, to pursue my creative endeavors, and to take all you taught me and apply it to the world. I’m not gonna lie, I’m so happy you’re outta my life (almost). 

Some words about London, Paris, and Travel.

It’s been just over a week since I returned home to Philly. Oddly enough, it feels like I never left although luckily I can recount the feelings, people, attitudes, and experiences I had overseas.
Life & Inspiration

A Blessed Life

Months ago I bought a ticket to London with my school refund money….the fact is, traveling is education in itself. Id rather work to pay my rent and other things in order to have this….these two weeks abroad with my best friend.
Life & Inspiration

Back again

It’s easy understand what has kept me from writing again. Looking at this blog, you may think, “What writing is she talking about?” Well, I used to run my own travel and video blog. Check out my old works here.