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The Class System in The Sky

After so many flights in my life, I think I can officially speak about how the class system on a plane oddly reflects how classes of the world are divided.
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Another Trip in the Books

I just spent a month in South Africa I’m finding it a bit hard to believe, everything that has happened. It all happened so fast. This time traveling was different than in the past.
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When The Travel Bug Loosens Its Grip

I can’t completely say how it ends, but hopefully, it ends happily. I’ve been in South Africa for the three weeks now and return to the United States in another week from now. I’ve loved traveling ever since I started visiting the Philippines to visit my Dad in 2014. It …

Some words about London, Paris, and Travel.

It’s been just over a week since I returned home to Philly. Oddly enough, it feels like I never left although luckily I can recount the feelings, people, attitudes, and experiences I had overseas.