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A Place for Self-Definition and Everything Else

From the life of a serial drifter, self-definition means to keep learning, experiencing, and finding yourself in places around the globe sometimes.

Finding self-definition depends on you – of course, we’re always growing, but some of us are always out trying to discover what’s next for us.
If this describes you, welcome to my page. And if not, welcome anyways.


I found Kitty Heaven in South Africa

My website is a tribute to life in this way. In two years who knows what my website and business will look like? I’ll be honest, I’m still figuring this whole blog thing out.

All I know is that I love writing, so that’s why I’m here.  

The digital age is also a space to make yourself in. Self-definition molds itself on digital platforms, allowing us to experiment with our image and social being across numerous sites, apps, etc.

I call this post ”my everything place’’ place because this single site shares my writing, portfolio, and services.

It’s my place where I’m working to define myself — I share personal photos, thoughts, and experiences from my life. This is what I mean by exploring identity in the digital world.  

My site offers those with wanderlust, a reading itch, and a desire to grow in self-definition a place to heighten self-inspiration. Or if you wanna just want to learn or make your media work better, I’m here for that too.



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