Some words about London, Paris, and Travel.

It’s been just over a week since I returned home to Philly. Oddly enough, it feels like I never left although luckily I can recount the feelings, people, attitudes, and experiences I had overseas.

I have a new theory:  America is Europe’s child who was dropped on its’s head.
I went completely broke while over there; I ate, drank and did every single thing I wanted. Dancing in the Eiffel Tower, shopping shamelessly at H & M, eating a baguette everyday in Paris,  drinking too much wine, raging in the after hours of Leicester Square, cramming myself onto the RER train in Paris, and strolling around Reykjavik, Iceland for an afternoon to name a few (yes, I was there too). I also learned that everyone making out in Paris become less annoying when you find yourself in the same situation.
Being from the Philly area, all I could think of returning home was “Damn, we’re ratchet as f***”. This typically goes unnoticed as life in Philly is “normal” to me..yet returning from these cities made me realize what I’m missing…anyways, my goal is to return, more specifically to Paris. No offense to London, but Paris just seemed a bit more relaxed, free, and with no f**** to give. Someday we will meet again Paris.
Anyways, that’s just my brief overview. Since I’ve been back to real life I’ve started a new job as a sightseeing tour guide in my city, woop woop!! Peace out and keep a look out for future postings here at What Kayla Writes About. Oh yeah, and check out some of the photos below, f you scroll over them you can see the caption!


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